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Puoi aiutarci a continuare le nostre attività per il futuro di api e impollinatori in generale. Dalla promozione all'innovazione, la tua donazione ci consente di lavorare per un ambiente più sicuro rispettoso degli impollinatori.

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Chimiver is the market leader in Italy in the sector of products for gluing, treating, and maintaining wooden floors. The company is committed to the environment and engages with the European beekeeping sector by using European wax for its product Oil Bee.

Chimiver supports BeeLife through its Corporate Social Responsibility programme in 2022 and 2023.

The company donates 1% of the total annual revenue of the product Oil Bee directly to BeeLife European Beekeeping Coordination. 

BeeLife has a new partnership at the European level with Valmont, the Swiss luxury cellular cosmetic brand, linked to the launch of their collection Essence of Beessigned by l’Elixir des Glaciers (2023). 

Valmont is supporting a unique project of BeeLife: Environmental Bio-Monitoring. Based in the Piedmont region of northeast Italy, this project combines non-invasive monitoring tools and observations by a network of beekeepers on the ground to conduct objective analyses of changes in honeybee populations and activities.

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Lorella Tamberi Canal LOGO.png

Lorella Tamberi Canal 

The Italian jewellery brand, Lorella Tamberi Canal, has decided to donate a percentage of the sales of its Bee Queen collection in support of BeeLife’s efforts to protect and preserve pollinators in 2022 and 2023.


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DataSnipper is an intelligent audit platform. They donated to BeeLife through 1% for the Planet in 2022. 



Kynetec is a global leader in market research for animal health and agriculture. 

The company has chosen BeeLife for its annual charity donation in Europe, in 2021. 



CGI is one of the world's leading IT and business consulting companies. It supported BeeLife through its Corporate social responsibility in 2022.

"The influence of bees on our ecosystem cannot be underrated." - Sebastian Gerling, Vice President of CGI Deutschland 

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Good.Lab fornisce soluzioni di strategia, consulenza e dati che aiutano le aziende a potenziare l'impatto sostenibile rendendo i loro dati ESG fruibili e intelligenti. Goog.Lab supporta BeeLife attraverso la piattaforma 1% for the Planet.

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