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BeeLife presented the EU Pollinator Hub at the 9th EurBee Congress in Serbia

The EU Pollinator Hub aims to transform the existing segregated pollinator data into the reference tool for those seeking information or whose activity depends on pollinators and pollination, and need to adapt their activities to manage the drivers determining their fate.

In September, we have been in Serbia at the University of Belgrade, to present the EU Pollinator Hub at the 9th European Congress of Apidology (EurBee). The congress was convened under the motto: “Save the bees for our future”.

The conference aimed to promote knowledge exchange of up-to-date scientific information on different aspects of managed and wild bees among researchers, teachers, students, and other experts.

Now you can access all the abstracts presented at the conference here. You will find the one submitted by BeeLife on page 258.

The 10th European Congress of Apidology will take place in 2024, in Estonia hosted by the Estonian University of Life Science.


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